Energy Assessment

You get a manual when you buy a car, a television, an appliance, even a toaster, but do you receive one for your largest investment, your home? The equivalent of this manual for your home is an Energy Audit.


Infrared picture showing heat loss in a home in New Orleans, LA

An energy assessment is the first step in understanding your home as a system. By understanding your home as a system through our industry standard whole home approach, we develop a clear understanding of your home’s current condition and make recommendations for energy efficiency retrofits. Our experienced BPI (Building Performance Institute) assessors will develop a clear, concise report for your home's current condition as far as it’s energy consumption and offer solutions and estimated annual savings that go along with each proposed retrofit.

Although energy savings is a very important part of the energy assessment, our number one concern is the identification of any health and safety issues that you may not have known existed. Carbon Monoxide is a huge health hazard and can potentially be lethal. In addition, if your home is sealed too tight, moisture issues can become a problem that negatively affects your health. Among other things, these are the major areas we look to identify when it comes to you and your family's health.

Air leakage is the most common energy loss in existing homes. Our energy assessment includes a Blower Door test (see picture below), which will depressurize your home to gain a further understanding of how leaky your home is. From this test, we can determine if your home needs air sealing.


Through the performance of an energy assessment and based on your input, priorities and budget, we will provide a list of energy improvements that should be completed first and which improvements you can do later. Our goal is to provide you with the largest return on investment possible while ensuring safe living conditions and ultimately an increase in the level of efficiency and comfort you experience within your home. An efficient home is a comfortable home!!!