Solar Attic Fan

An attic fan removes hot stagnant air from your attic and replaces it with outside air, that during the summer months is far cooler than the average temperature in your attic which can get upwards of 150°-160°. The benefits of attic air removal are far reaching and impact not just your home’s key systems, but also leads to energy savings and an overall improvement of your comfort level. Better yet, through generous federal and state incentives, the installation of a solar attic fan now can be done affordably.

Improved Efficiency and Longevity of your Home’s Key Systems

Although a place that most of us only use for storage and visit no more than once or twice a year, your attic has a huge impact on the performance of your key systems. This includes but is not limited to your roof and HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) thus impacting not just your wallet, but the comfort of your home.

The biggest impact on roof and shingle degradation is the heat absorption through direct sunlight. By decreasing your attic’s temperature, your roof’s temperature is reduced and ultimately lasts longer.

Your HVAC unit transports cool air produced by the unit through ducts. These ducts are often found within your attic and although insulated, are impacted greatly by the temperature of the attic.  When your attic is at its peak temperature, your ducts are also at their peak temperature causing the unit to work much harder than it typically needs to work. By decreasing the temperature in the attic, your HVAC unit’s cooling load is decreased, this means your unit doesn’t need to work as hard which translates into a reduction of energy consumption and an extension of your unit’s life.

As impactful as insulation is on reducing the heat transfer from your attic to your living space, reducing the amount of heat your insulation must block the transfer of leads to a noticeable improvement in comfort and ties once again into how hard your HVAC unit must work to condition your living space.

Benefits of Solar

The limitation of a solar attic fan also happens to be its greatest strength. A solar attic fan is only operational during the day when the sun is shining, fortunately, this is also when your attic needs air circulation the most. Our solar attic fans have a 25 year warranty, maintenance free, and cost no money to run as long as the sun decides to rise in the morning. Better yet, we have consciously chosen a brand manufactured right here in the USA.

Tax Credits and Affordability

Thanks to the great state of Louisiana, the installation of a solar attic fan is 20% of what it would normally cost.

  • 50% Louisiana State Tax Credit (set to expire December 31, 2016)
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit (set to expire December 31, 2017)

Act Now

The opportunity to affordably cool your attic through the power of the sun will only be around for a limited time. Give us a call today and give your house’s key systems a life extension, reduce your energy consumption and start saving money today.