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We are a veteran-owned spray foam insulation contractor serving metro Baton Rouge, New Orleans, the Northshore & Lafayette.

Earning your trust means doing what's in your best interest. That's why our recommendations are based on local experience & data, not rules of thumb.

Our team has more than 30 years combined experience weatherizing homes and businesses in and around southeastern Louisiana. To date, we’ve installed insulation in over 10,000 homes & businesses throughout the area.

The best part? We back all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


Energy Audits

You get a manual when you buy a car, a television, an appliance, even a toaster, but do you receive one for your largest investment, your home?

An energy assessment is the first step in understanding your home as a system. By understanding your home as a system through our industry standard whole home approach, we develop a clear understanding of your home’s current condition and make recommendations for energy efficiency retrofits. Our experienced BPI (Building Performance Institute) assessors will develop a clear, concise report for your home's current condition as far as its energy consumption and offer solutions and estimated annual savings that go along with each proposed retrofit.

The equivalent of this manual for your home is an Energy Audit.

What Kind of Insulation Project can we Assist you With?

Whether you are building a brand new home, modernizing your historic home or simply want to save money on your energy bill, Mr. Green Jeans’ residential insulation services are here to help.

In addition to providing residential insulation and weatherization for homeowners, Mr. Green Jeans also helps commercial property owners and managers save money and add value to their location.

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Mr. Green Jeans specializes in Building Science Principles, Weatherization, Fiber Insulation, Spray foam insulation, Energy Audits and much more.

Insulating your home is one of the best energy efficient upgrades you can purchase for your home. Not only does it provide a barrier from the outdoors, it also reduces the amount of air lost in your home on a daily basis. Put simply, it keeps the cold air in during the summer months and the warm air in during the winter months. Personally, I remember my father telling me to, "Stop air conditioning the neighborhood," by leaving doors and windows open during the summer while our family's air conditioner was turned on. Now, with the scientific advancement of insulation, dads everywhere will have a little less to worry about.

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